Are you tired of being out of shape?

Build A Body You Can Be Proud Of, In 12 Weeks, Without Going To The Gym

Ripped with Bodyweight is a 12-week bodyweight training program for muscle growth and fat loss as quickly as possible without steroids or wasting money on gym memberships and supplements...regardless of your age, current shape or genetics.

In just 12-weeks you will:

  • Gain up to 12 pounds of lean muscle by training anytime and anywhere, for less than 3 hours per week.
  • Lose up to 20 pounds of body fat and shave off up to 4,5 inches from your waist without starving yourself, while building muscle at the same time.
  • Improve your endurance, stamina, speed, and athleticism.

Ripped with Bodyweight program built me a lean, muscular, and athletic body with six-pack abs.

Ripped with Bodyweight Is Designed For You To:

  • Build Muscle Fast

If you are like me, you want results fast. With the workouts in Ripped with Bodyweight, you will build lean, solid muscle in the fastest way possible. There’s no bullshit, no guesswork, and no beating around the bush. You will only do what matters and ignore the rest. If you follow the guidelines in the book, you can expect to get strong fast. I mean really fast.

  • Lose Fat While You Are Building Muscle

Traditional muscle building routines come with "bulking" and "cutting" periods where you build muscle while you bulk and burn fat while you cut. The problem with bulking is gaining unwanted fat while you are building muscle. That's why you have to go through a cutting period (to burn the fat you gained while bulking).

Ripped with Bodyweight solves that problem with a strength training routine combined with a fat burning diet which will allow you to build muscle and burn fat at the same time.

If you don't need to lose fat but just want to build lean muscle, don't worry. You will build slabs of lean muscle by following the strategies tailored for maximum lean muscle gains.

  • Train Anytime And Anywhere You Want

I built a ripped physique with six-pack abs without stepping foot into a gym. The workouts in Ripped with Bodyweight require only your own body's weight and a simple pull-up bar, which means you can train in the comfort of your home or any other place where you have access to a simple pull-up bar.

  • Train Less & Build More

If you are like me, you want to get ripped without having your life revolve around it. Ripped with Bodyweight gives you exactly that. You will train for 4 times in a week for a total of less than 3 hours per week.

The beauty of the workouts in Ripped with Bodyweight is that you train less and less while you build more and more muscle. After a few weeks of training, you will see that your workouts are taking you a shorter and shorter time to complete. Don't be surprised when you start to train for a total of about 2 hours per week after you are a few weeks into the program.

My friends and family members had a hard time believing that I built my six pack abs by training less than 3 hours per week but it's the truth. You can do the same simply by following the Ripped with Bodyweight program.

Ripped with Bodyweight Eliminates:

  • Failure To Get Results

Many people start working out with a great enthusiasm but quit because of the absolute lack of results. Not with this program. You will start seeing noticeable results in a matter of a few weeks. People will ask you whatever the hell you are doing in order to transform your body so quickly. 

  • Hours Of Boring Cardio

The workouts in your program are enough to accomplish both building muscle and burning fat at the same time provided that you follow the diet guidelines. No need for any extra cardio workouts to shed body fat.

  • Payments To Personal Trainers

Everything you need for building a lean, muscular, and athletic body is included in the book. You don't need to pay a personal trainer who may either be competent or not.

  • The Lack Of A Solid Workout Routine

Muscles are not built with sporadic actions. You need a training routine. Ripped with Bodyweight takes out the guesswork by providing you a detailed workout routine telling you exactly what to do both with your training and your diet. 

  • Complicated, Hard To Learn Exercises

All the exercises in Ripped with Bodyweight are simple, easy to learn, yet extremely powerful. 

  • Supplements

You don't need any supplements to get the best results out of Ripped with Bodyweight. 

  • Gaining Fat While Building Muscle

With this program, you will build lean muscle while losing fat at the same time. If you don't need to lose fat, there are strategies for you in the book to build lean muscle without gaining fat.

  • Restrictive Diet Rules

No stupid and unnecessary restrictions such as times you can or can't eat, foods you can or can't eat and other useless bullshit. 

  • Gym Fees

No more wasting your money on expensive gym memberships. No wasted time in traffic. All the workouts in the Ripped with Bodyweight can be done in the privacy of your home or any other place of your choosing. 

I trained at home, hotel rooms, parks and so on. All you need is a pull-up bar and you have all you need for a Ripped with Bodyweight workout.

  • The Lack Of Time To Work Out

You will train 4 times a week for a total of less than 3 hours per week. Moreover, your workouts will take you a shorter and shorter time to complete as you progress. 

Ripped with Bodyweight Eliminates All Of These Obstacles

The fewer the obstacles on your way to build a lean, muscular, and athletic body you want, the more likely you are to succeed.


Ripped with Bodyweight is laser-focused on getting results. No silly rules, no waste of time and energy. Only results.

5 Reasons Why Most Men Fail To Get Ripped

Very few men are satisfied with the way they look at the present. They know themselves that they wouldn’t mind having a lean, ripped, and athletic body. So, why do they have to settle with a body which is far below their potential?

Here are 5 reasons why:

Reason # 1: The Lies & The Myths 

Believe it or not, getting in great shape isn’t as complicated as the lying fitness industry wants you to believe. 

Think about it. If all men knew that they don't need gym memberships, expensive fitness machines, personal trainers, supplements or pills to get in great shape, how would the sharks in the fitness industry make their billions of dollars?

Reason # 2: Limiting Beliefs

Many men regard a ripped body with six-pack abs as in the territory of fitness models or genetically gifted men.

In reality, getting ripped is not exclusive to privileged individuals. Fitness models are people too. They are made of flesh and bones just like you and me.

Genetic differences are overblown. If you are a functioning human, your genetics are good enough to get ripped.

Limiting beliefs prevent people from taking action. If the mind doesn’t believe it, the body doesn’t do it.

I’m far from being a fitness model. I’m a regular man. I wasn’t even that young when I decided to get a ripped body with six-pack abs. I did it after 37. Most athletes are already retired by that age. I believed I can do it and I did it.

Smash any mental barriers. If I could do it, you can do it too.

I went from fat and out of shape to ripped with six-pack abs with the strategies and tactics in Ripped with Bodyweight.

Reason # 3: Wasting Time With Complicated Routines

You can't do a single pull-up? No problem. I went from zero pull-ups to 30 pull-ups in a row by using the pull-up progression strategy in Ripped with Bodyweight.

Success is more about knowing what not to do than knowing what to do.

Getting a lean, muscular, and athletic body boils down to losing fat and building muscle. Both can be achieved by simple strategies which Ripped with Bodyweight program provides.

Consistency is the most important part of achieving anything in life. The simplicity of the Ripped with Bodyweight program makes it a breeze to be consistent with your diet and training.

Reason # 4: Thinking That It Will Take Forever To Get Ripped

Getting ripped doesn't happen in one day but it doesn't have to take years either. It boils down to having muscle mass and a low level of body fat. Ripped with Bodyweight gives you the strategies and tactics to achieve both.

If you follow the Ripped with Bodyweight program, you'll witness your body changing weekly. That's why I recommend you to take weekly pictures when you are going through the program. You'll not believe the progress you made when you compare the 12th-week picture with the picture you took before you started.

Reason # 5: Not Having A Proven Plan To Follow

Failing to plan is planning to fail. Muscles don't grow with sporadic actions. You need a proven routine to follow. Don't make the mistake of trying to figure out everything on your own. That will take years.

Instead, stick with a proven plan for at least 12-weeks until you find out how the muscle game works.

Ripped with Bodyweight comes with customized strategies for getting shredded.

Ripped with Bodyweight Eliminates All Of These Reasons

There are no lies and myths in Ripped with Bodyweight. Only the truth.

Say goodbye to your limiting beliefs. There's a whole chapter dedicated to muscle building mindset.

No more wasting time with inferior routines that get you nowhere. The simplicity and the fast results will help you to be consistent with your routine.

Ripped with Bodyweight comes with a complete plan that will leave no room for confusion.

What's inside Ripped with Bodyweight

8 Best Bodyweight Exercises

8 compound strength building bodyweight exercises which are all you need for building a ripped, muscular, and athletic body.

Photo Tutorials

Complete, easy-to-follow instructions and photo tutorials for the 8 bodyweight exercises (both for the proper form and easy version of each exercise.)

The Workouts

10 distinct strength building and skill training workouts.

The Workout Routines

3 distinct, 12-week workout plans. 

Customized Diet Plan

Customized and optimized diet plan with macro breakdowns for building muscle and burning fat at the same time.

Progressive Overload

How to apply progressive overload to bodyweight training to make sure that your muscles are growing. Tips and strategies for pushing through plateaus.

Muscle Building Mindset

How to build a warrior mindset for pushing through the times when the going gets tough.

Training Guidelines

Techniques to ensure you are getting the most out of your workouts.

Questions and Answers

A wide array of questions and answers which you can refer anytime you have a specific question about your training, diet, and your progress

How's Ripped with Bodyweight Different?

Here are 4 reasons why Ripped with Bodyweight is better than other books on bodyweight training:


Simple Exercises (With Photo Tutorials)

There are only 8 bodyweight exercises in Ripped with Bodyweight. The good old push-ups, pull-ups, bodyweight squats, burpees and a few more. They are all easy to learn, powerful and they train your whole body. 

Many books and programs include insane exercises such as one-armed push-ups or pistol squats which look cool but they are utterly useless for the majority of the people. I have never done any armed push-ups or pistol squats in my whole life but that didn't deter me from building a ripped physique with six-pack abs. 

When you have a great body, nobody cares whether you built it with simple exercises or complicated exercises. What matters is the results. The exercises in Ripped with Bodyweight are all you need for building a great physique.

All the exercises come with easy-to-follow instructions and photo tutorials. Moreover, each exercise comes with an easier version in case you can't yet perform the full version yet. Instructions and photo tutorials are also included for the easier version of each exercise.


Workout Routines

Most bodyweight books lack a workout plan that leaves the reader confused about where to start and how to progress. Ripped with Bodyweight solves that problem by providing you with a full 12-week workout plan, which tells you exactly which exercises to do in any given day, how many reps to perform and the order of the exercises. Everything is conveniently planned for you.

I also included beginner and intermediate level workout plans for those of you who may want to build up strength and motivation before you choose to go all in for the main routine.


Detailed Diet Information

When I started bodyweight training, there were no guidelines on how to adjust my diet for my training. It took me years to figure out how in the hell I must eat to get the lean, ripped physique with six-pack abs.

A diet for building muscle and burning fat at the same time is different from a regular diet. In Ripped with Bodyweight, there's a fully detailed diet chapter that tells you exactly how you should eat to get the most out of your training. 


Complementary Strategies

Building a lean, muscular, and athletic physique is not easy. Bumps in the road are expected and I had many of them which I had to overcome by trial and error. 

In Ripped with Bodyweight, I tell you all my tactics and strategies to push through the times when the going gets tough, including training guidelines, mindset and motivation techniques, recovery techniques, progressive overload strategies, Q&A, and many more.

The Benefits

By following the Ripped with Bodyweight program you will:

  • Build a lean, muscular, and athletic body which women admire and men respect

Ripped with Bodyweight program will help you build muscle and burn ugly body fat which translates into having a lean, muscular, and athletic body. A ripped physique oozes self-confidence, self-respect, and sexual appeal. You announce the world that you respect yourself and you demand respect too.

Looking great will enable you to make an amazing first impression wherever you go. As the saying goes, you never get a second chance to make a better first impression. The majority of the people are out of shape. You will always stand out from the crowd no matter where you go.

  • Improve your endurance, energy, and stamina

Ripped with Bodyweight workouts are high-intensity workouts which will build endurance and increase your energy and stamina.

  • Become more attractive to women

Look at the ancient Greek statues. All the Greek statues depict lean, muscular, and athletic looking men with six-pack abs. A ripped body is the timeless representative of an attractive male body.

  • Look younger and better as you lose ugly body fat, train your muscles and develop a more athletic appearance

One of the most visible indicators of aging is muscle loss, fat gain, and the weakening of the bones. Ripped with Bodyweight solves these problems by strengthening your muscles and the bones, and burning fat all over your body.

Moreover, high-intensity bodyweight exercises make your skin glow, which further makes you look and feel younger.

  • Improve your health, vitality, energy, well-being and your outlook on life as you get in better shape

Ripped with Bodyweight is the finest form of strength training. Strength training is proven to reduce cortisol and increase endorphin release in your brain which leads to less stress and a better feeling of well-being.

Studies have consistently shown that humans with a better grip strength have less risk of cancer and cardiovascular disease. A better grip strength is the indicator of strong muscles and bones which is the result of strength training.

Imagine enjoying the added benefits of high energy levels, no aches and pains, better spirits, and knowing that you are getting healthier every day.

  • Improve your posture, self-esteem, and confidence

Imagine how confident you will feel when you have a lean, strong, healthy, and attractive body- and how proud it will make you. Your posture will also improve, which will lead to better self-esteem. 

  • Speed up your metabolism to burn fat when you are inactive

Have you ever wondered why it’s easier to put on weight when you age? It's because of the inevitable muscle loss that comes along with aging. That's why strength training is the most powerful anti-fat weapon a man can have because muscles are fat burning machines.

Ripped with Bodyweight will build you muscle. Your muscles will burn calories 7 days 24 hours. As a result, it will be easier for you to keep your body fat at low levels. Just imagine having a teenage metabolism that burns away calories even when you are inactive.

  • Increase your testosterone

Testosterone is responsible for your muscular mass, cognitive functioning, sex drive, cardiovascular health, bone strength, confidence, and your overall well-being. Strength training is proven to increase testosterone, especially when you train your whole body with the compound exercises in Ripped with Bodyweight.

  • Build self-discipline and mental toughness

You build strength by overcoming your body’s resistance to step out of its comfort zone. Mental toughness is essentially the ability to push through resistance and be disciplined enough for consistency.

  • Build fitness skills that will serve you for a lifetime

Ripped with Bodyweight will teach you how to build muscle and burn fat. When you know what you’re doing, it becomes a powerful tool you can use to gain muscle, lose fat, or maintain your body composition with ease.

  • Have the confidence to wear whatever you want

Clothes shopping is a lot of fun when you are in great shape. A $5 shirt will look amazing on a ripped body and a $5000 shirt isn't enough to make an out of shape body look good. You'll no longer be frustrated about how your clothes look on you. You'll look like a million bucks with whatever you wear.

  • Look good when you are naked

Let's face it. The majority of the people look terrible naked. When you are muscular, lean and ripped, you will look great even when you take your clothes off.

  • Have the peace of mind to focus on other areas of your life

The secret benefit of getting in great shape is the peace of mind that comes along.

When I was fat and out of shape, I was constantly worrying about my health, my appearance and how in the hell I will get in shape. Now all those worries are gone and I can focus on other areas of my life where I want to make progress.

Ripped with Bodyweight will solve all the problems with your physique and you can move on to be productive with everything else. 

  • Enjoy the food you are eating

The enjoyment you get from your food greatly increases when you are in great shape because there’s no nagging voice inside your head to scold yourself for eating things that you shouldn’t be eating.


A great book that is easy to follow and is an honest and effective method to get fit and look good.

Roy (51), United Kingdom

This book contains all the information you need to get fit, get stronger and lose weight. The rest is up to you. Whoever you are. It has been written with a refreshing honesty and clarity that I truly enjoyed reading and got behind it straight away. Lane Goodwin is one of those guys that you can listen to all day and everything he talks about makes sense.

When you read the book, you will understand what I mean.

Lane does not dazzle you with super science and try to hit you with some latest technique, for 'super fast' results.

It's all tried and tested stuff, and given a reasonable time, you will be benefiting from this information immensely.

That pic is me at 51, last year, having done the course for 12 weeks, 4 sessions a week. I got visible ABS! I've never had them since I was in my 20's and even not as pronounced as what you see in the pic.

If I can do it, you can too. Lane will tell you the tricks you need to know in order to overcome your self imposed limits. He lays out what you need to do to lose weight through eating correctly too. That could have been a separate book, but I'm guessing he wanted everyone to have the complete reference to hand so you can get on with the job.

It would be awesome to see others post what they have achieved in future reviews of this great little book. Forget the fancy expensive programs, this is the only book you need.

I don't know Lane personally and stand nothing to gain from promoting his book, only that I have made a change to people's lives through making them aware of this book and the quality of it.
Honesty and truth is such a hard to come by commodity these days.

Enjoy, and post your results!

I completed the “Ripped with Bodyweight Program” some time ago, and my results have definitely exceeded my expectations, strength-wise and aesthetics-wise.


Though I was already considered by my peers to be of “above average” physical condition before starting the program, I was admittedly disappointed that my routine back then did little to yield any aesthetic gains; my coach would often chide me for being aesthetically conscious, but I don’t know any athlete in their right mind who doesn’t want to good while acing their game.

That being said, your program changed not only my physique, but my entire outlook on strength training as a whole.

Unfortunately, I had neglected to take a “before” photo.

However, there is no doubt that I am more than satisfied with my “after” results, which can be seen in my current progress pictures.

Finally! A no-BS, hype-free, common-sense exercise and diet guide for MEN (although women can certainly benefit).


I got a whole new perspective on bodyweight calisthenics from Lane that I was totally ignorant of.

IMO, it doesn't matter what your age and physical condition currently are, as Lane provides several levels and exercise variations for anyone.

But these are TOUGH workouts! And despite what you'll read from the gym gurus, you WILL pack on the muscle if you stick with Lane's program.

The section on diet is outstanding and I found it simple to follow and stick with.

Lane provides the roadmap, but it's up to YOU to have the self-discipline and focus to stay with it for 12-weeks.

Not for the lazy or whiny!

Excellent for visible developments in short time


Excellent book. Schedule written in simple way to understand and very tough to perform. I started since two weeks my developments are visible and notice my friends. This is my real experience. The best book.


Peter / USA

If you care about longevity, health, sports performance (soccer, tennis, martial arts, even beach body look depending on your diet) and if you care about efficiency in terms of price and time, this book is for you. Is simple as it is awesome. 45 min x 4 days per week is enough. And no transportation time, since you only need a matt and a door chin up bar, I do my training at home. I can even do my workout with my 4 year old daughter, since she tries to imitate me, she does not really interrupt me.

I have trained years in the gym lifting weights, and I don't even miss the weights (which I have at home).

Unless you want to be Ronnie Coleman, don't buy this book. But for general fitness and general good looks, I highly recommend this book. Mike Tyson only did body weight training, so even if you want to be a big boxer, these workouts will help. If you want to look like a model, this book will also help (of course you must have a different diet regarding your purpose).

(Note: I have already finished the 8th week, in addition to these workouts I train martial arts or play tennis once or twice per week, because these workouts give you 3 times off per week, you can enjoy the endurance benefits of these workouts while playing your favorite sports).

Excellent Read, informative and motivational.

Happy Shopper / USA

I'm beginning this program tomorrow after reading the book in a couple sittings. Its very good at explaining simply how and why one can get strong and lean at the same time whilst exercising intensively while monitoring your caloric intake without going into too much detail and work calculating everything. its a fairly straight forward and simple program which I'm going to use even though I've been lifting off and on my entire life at gyms and at my home gym. I needed something different to try and this fits my need right now. I will report back after I complete the cycles. I know a great deal about lifting weights, diet, exercise, and believe this routine would be excellent for anyone regardless of experience or level of fitness or strength. Thanks Lane.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What equipment do I need & can I train at home?

How soon can I expect to see results & how much muscle can I build using this program?

Am I going to have to spend countless hours training?

Is Ripped with Bodyweight suitable for a complete beginner?

Are the exercises hard to learn? Is there a learning curve?

What should I do if I can’t even do a single pull-up?

Am I too old or too out of shape to follow the Ripped with Bodyweight program?

How many weeks of routines and workouts are there?

Will I build six-pack abs with the routines in this book?

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