How To Be A Superior Man

written by LANE GOODWIN

Dear friend,

Henry David Thoreau some years ago said: “The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation”.

It’s been more than 150 years since Thoreau wrote these words in his masterpiece Walden, but not much changed since then. If anything, things got worse for the typical man of today.

A small minority of men get the lion’s share of the rewards life has to offer, while the remaining majority of men settle for far less than they want in life, living with regret, wishing they had more.

Life Is Great…If You Are a Top 5% Man

It’s no secret that life doesn’t treat men equally in the distribution of rewards. It’s a winner-take-all world, whether you like it or not.

Men who are at the top 5% enjoy their selection of the most attractive women, prime real estate, money, better healthcare, a longer lifespan and the freedom to do whatever they want whenever they want. 

For the remaining majority of men, it’s a different story…

The Quiet Desperation of the Mass of Men

In an ideal world where the rewards were distributed equally, the average man would do OK. Unfortunately, life doesn’t work that way.

The typical man of today struggles in all fronts of life — financially, physically, mentally, emotionally, romantically, and sexually…

  • He’s one paycheck away from being broke… He lives paycheck to paycheck, stuck in a rat-race with ever-dwindling wages, constantly struggling to make ends meet. He lives with the nagging fear of losing his job because job security is a thing of a distant past. He has long given up on his dreams of financial independence. His whole life is spent doing what he has to do, NOT what he wants to do.
  • He’s invisible to women… It’s getting harder and harder for the average man to find a girlfriend or a wife. Women flock to the top men so the remaining majority of men are either unable to find a decent woman or they have to settle for a woman they aren’t actually attracted to.
  • He’s terribly out of shape… The average man of today is 20 pounds heavier than the average man of merely two decades ago. There’s no end in sight for the obesity epidemic so he’s expected to get fatter and sicker. The lying mainstream fitness and diet industries are of no help because they’re more interested in making money than actually helping people to get leaner and healthier.
  • He’s drowned in stress and anxiety… Antidepressant use is on the rise. Harvard Medical School recently described the increase in antidepressant use by Americans as “astounding” and the rest of the world isn’t getting any better. Suicide rates are the highest they’ve been since World War II and men die by suicide three to four times more often than females in the western world. It’s been recently reported that the average male lifespan is decreasing in the United States due to a spike in so-called “deaths of despair”.

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching problem of the typical modern man is that he has no future to look forward to.

There’s no silver lining. There’s nothing going on in his life that hints at a better future. If anything, he’ll grow older and it will get harder for him to put up with the drudgery of his miserable existence.

How The Game Of Life Is Massively Rigged Against The Modern Man

There was a time when the average man used to do OK in life. He was the respected leader of his family, had a stable job and a tight circle of friends to socialize.

The typical man of today has none of these.

Life is supposed to get better as the world progresses but things got worse for the average man when everything got better for everyone else. How did this happen?

If you are a typical modern man wondering about what went wrong, you are not alone. In today’s society, it’s men who always get the raw end of the deal because you are made to play a game massively rigged against you.

As a man of today’s society…

  • You are raised to be a nice guy… You are brainwashed from early ages on into believing that if you are good, giving, and caring, you will be rewarded. Most men spend their entire lifetimes as doormat nice guys without waking up to the reality — despite the lack of any promised rewards whatsoever.
  • You are made to believe that being ambitious is a moral failing… A docile man devoid of ambitions is effectively removed from competing with others so it’s no wonder that millions of men were tricked into believing in this big fat lie that ambition is wrong.
  • Society has long turned its back to men… It was men who put their blood, sweat, and tears into creating all the modern comforts that everybody gets to enjoy today, but that didn’t prevent the modern society from waging a war against men.
  • The government only remembers you when it’s time to exploit you with theft taxes… and your tax money is redistributed to the very people who waged a war against you
  • Masculinity is under constant attack… Anything a man does true to his masculine nature is attacked as “toxic masculinity”. Men are almost made to apologize for being a man.
  • The family unit is collapsing… Men are no longer regarded, looked up to, and respected as the head of the family. Divorce rates are through the roof. Many good-natured men are mercilessly humiliated, disrespected and taken to cleaners in divorce courts.

In today’s society, being an average man no longer cuts it. You must either be average and miserable or join the ranks of men who enjoy life to the fullest. There’s no in-between.

I Used to Be Miserable Too

How do I know so well what the average man of today goes through? LOL. I used to be that average man, that’s how.

  • I was a nice guy who used to wait in vain for the rewards that never came. 
  • I was living paycheck to paycheck, stuck in a job I hated and a congested city that I hated even more. 
  • I had zero love life and my sex life was non-existent except watching porn. 
  • I was fat because I tried to drown my sorrow every night by drinking gallons of beer, I didn't exercise and I ate a lot of junk food. 
  • I was heavily smoking as well which had started to take a toll on my health.

I was so sick and tired of my life that one day I decided I had enough that I can’t take it anymore.

I started to voraciously read books and blog posts on how to change my life. I tried every tactic under the sun...tried, failed, tried again and failed again until I finally figured it all out and managed to turn my life around.

Today I do none of the things I used to do when I was miserable. My life has COMPLETELY changed for the better.

Now I own 2 businesses and live in a tropical city with a great girlfriend. I do whatever I want whenever I want. Not only my beer belly is long gone, I even have six-pack abs. Most importantly, I am filled with joy, energy, and hope for an even brighter future.

The Problem With “Conventional Wisdom” and Self-Help Industry

The two most common resources for a man who wants to change his life are conventional wisdom and self-help industry – both of which are worthless.

Conventional wisdom is the name for common generic life advice spouted by other average people who are also miserable. Conventional wisdom not only doesn’t work but it’s the primary reason why the mass of men lead lives of desperation.

If you take average advice from average people living average lives, how can you expect to be anything but average? You are actually better off doing the exact opposite of what conventional wisdom tells you to do.

The billion-dollar self-help industry, on the other hand, is all about making boatloads of money by selling feel-good platitudes to gullible masses. The so-called self-help “gurus” tell you to think positive, be grateful, say thank you, send your wish to the universe…all that junk that achieves nothing.

Conventional wisdom and self-help industry not only fail to help men to become superior men, but they are also downright harmful because following their advice will remove you further away from your masculine essence and turn you into a complete wimp.

I wasted years waiting for the rewards of following the conventional advice and wasted some more years following the self-help industry’s bogus advice.

My life started to change rapidly when I stopped listening to conventional advice and self-help gurus and started to utilize the innate masculine powers that I already have

The good news is that you have these innate masculine powers too. Every man does.

Here’s how…

You Already Have What It Takes To Win, But You Are Not Using It

Remember your childhood or watch little boys for a while when they are playing outside with each other and you’ll quickly notice that they have all of these masculine qualities  — competitiveness, assertiveness, self-belief, ambition, autonomy, selfishness, curiosity, adventurousness, imagination, creativity, drive, tenacity, courage, perseverance and an insatiable thirst for freedom.

Nature endows a man with these qualities at birth so that he maximizes his chances to succeed in life.

Your masculine nature arms you with the burning desire to compete and win. What you need to do is to nurture your masculine strengths — not suppress them as conventional wisdom or the lying self-help industry tells you to do.

The typical modern man loses some or all of these qualities due to upbringing, ill-guidance, societal conditioning, the comforts of modern life, and inertia. Society does its best to rasp his masculine edges starting from early ages until they turn him into a docile sheep who follows orders and seeks approval. And, unfortunately, they succeed at it.

Losing his masculine edges is the primary reason why the typical man of today is living life far below his potential.

If a man loses touch with his ultimate weapon in life (his masculine strengths), he loses control over his destiny.

A man by default is raw material rather than a finished project. He has the ingredients (his masculine strengths) to succeed in life but it’s up to him to make use of these ingredients to build himself up to the man he wants to be. 

What the modern man needs to do is to awaken the masculine strengths he already has and use them to get what he wants out of life.

Since conventional wisdom and the self-help industry fail to teach a man how to do this, I decided to write that guide for the man who wants more out of life but doesn’t know how to get it.

I distilled the lessons I learned from years of trial and error into a simple yet powerful system and named it “How To Be A Superior Man”.

Enter the “Superior Man” Program

How To Be A Superior Man is an intensive self-improvement program to improve your life and your value as a man.

It provides an actionable plan which consists of the mindset principles, tools, and 7 high-impact tasks you will perform for the next 30 days that will enable you to unleash your masculine power, take control of your life and mold yourself into the man you want to be.

The daily tasks in the book exist for the simple reason that mere reading will not get you to the top. Sitting back and waiting for things to happen is for the weak. Only through doing can you ever see results.

Performing the daily tasks will turn you into a man of action instead of a man of intention for life rewards action – not intention. By taking action, you’ll start making good things happen instead of waiting for good things to happen to you.

You will start getting real and guaranteed results from day 1 onwards. Getting results will motivate you to get more.

By the time you complete your 30-day program, you’ll never be the same again.

How The Next 30 Days Can Change Your Life

By committing to the 30-day plan laid out in the book you can expect to reap the following benefits:

  • Take full control of your life — mentally, physically, productively, and financially (The only way to change your life is to take full control of your destiny because no one else can do it for you. All the tasks in the book are designed for you to gain greater control over your life so that you can mold yourself into the man you want to be.)
  • Develop your mission and gain direction (A man without mission is a man without direction. A man without direction will drift like a rudderless ship and settle for basic existence. Learn how to develop your mission and start working on your most important goals from day 1 of your program onwards.)
  • Supercharge your productivity (If every man has 24 hours in a day, why do some men achieve a lot more than the others? Learn how to supercharge your productivity with impeccable time management.)
  • Get leaner, stronger and more attractive (Physical fitness is one of the most important pillars of being a great man. Learn and practice the timeless diet and training principles that will not only get you leaner, stronger and more attractive but also ensure that you will stay in great shape for the rest of your life.)
  • Develop airtight financial discipline (Financial discipline is a must for all men including millionaires. Learn how to practice financial discipline at all times without having to be frugal. Bulletproof yourself from debt, economic crises and financial ruin while maximizing your chances of building future wealth.)
  • Take good care of yourself (Seriously. By taking good care of yourself, not only you will improve your appearance but also you will send a clear signal to other people as well as your subconscious mind that you are an important man who deserves to be taken well care of, which in turn will improve your confidence and self-esteem.)

PLUS, you will learn and implement the biggest secret of self-improvement that self-help gurus won’t tell you but I will. (Average men NEVER do this. It’s one of the biggest reasons they stay average. Do this and you will be miles ahead of the average man).

By the end of the program, you will emerge as a better man with better mental and physical strength, greater control over your life, and tangible results which will improve your self-belief and encourage you to achieve more. You will be well on your way to join the ranks of top men who live life to the fullest.

Start Getting Results from Day 1 Onwards

Your sense of well-being will begin to improve as soon as you start your program and gain greater control over your life because science ranks autonomy as the no. 1 contributor to happiness. A University of Michigan survey found that people who said they felt “in control of their lives” also told that they have extraordinarily positive feelings of happiness.

Angus Campbell, the author of “The Sense of Well-Being in America“, emphasizes the importance of autonomy when commenting on the University of Michigan survey: “Having a strong sense of controlling one’s life is a more dependable predictor of positive feelings of well-being than any of the objective conditions of life we have considered.

Lifetime Value

All the tasks, principles and tactics included in the program have lifetime value. Obviously, 30-days is not nearly enough to become one of the top 5% of men but you will be well on your way to become the man you want to be and create the life you want to live.

What you will gain within the next 30 days cannot be taken away from you. It’s a system that you can use over and over again until you reach all of your goals.

The positive habits you will gain, the mindset principles you will learn, the work ethic you will grow and the insights that you will develop during the next 30 days will serve you for life and continue to make your life better long after your 30-day program is over.

Immediately Actionable

Your 30-day plan is immediately actionable. Instructions are easy to follow. You can order your copy, read it, and immediately start implementing your plan.

It doesn’t require experience… You can be a complete newbie and still do everything perfectly.

It doesn’t require youth… The principles and the actions you will learn in the book are age-independent and applicable to men of all ages. It’s never too late to change your life… It’s game on unless you are gravely ill… I was 36 when I started. For example, if you are 40 and don’t start by now, time will pass by and someday you’ll be 50 and wish that you would have started 10 years ago.

It doesn’t require talent… The masculine qualities that you already have are more than enough to successfully complete the program.

It doesn’t require self-confidence… People get self-confidence backwards. Self-confidence comes AFTER you prove yourself that you are the kind of man who controls his destiny. Following the program will help you achieve just that.

It doesn’t require sacrifice… Sacrifice is giving up something of higher importance in favor of something else lower in importance. You’ll not have to give up anything of higher importance during your program.

What does it require?

Desire and determination to take your life to the highest level. Enough to take the plunge and not give up when the going gets tough.

Reader Testimonials

You can be great again or for the first time!

Jeff R. / USA

Great book. It’s back to the basics so you know what to do but Lane is here as a mentor and coach to get you there. Follow the guide. I did and feel great. Lane is today’s common sense and real world man. Follow him online and read the book. It’s an inexpensive purchase for an incredible you.

The Winning Lane Blueprint an essential for all Men.

George C. / UK

Whatever area you are looking to improve upon, that be your fitness, finances, relationships or time management there is something for everyone. A full comprehensive programme is explained clearly which is easy to follow. It is noted that the book must be acted upon for results, which of course you would expect. Take the first step in changing your life.

A straight to the point guide to take control of your life through simple (but not easy) steps and actions.

Miguel A. / Spain

Wrong mindset and wrong habits have been holding you back for years. To get rid of them won't happen overnight, perhaps not even in 30 days, but if you're willing to commit to Lane's guidelines, you'll be on your way for a change for good.

I wish I had something like this to read when I was a teenager.

Kdawg99 / USA

Great starting point to get you on your way to being a better and more successful man and stop bad habits that drain you of your time. I like the author’s philosophy and blunt honesty and down-to-Earth straight forwardness. No BS. Everything in here should be common sense and obvious, but apparently most of us need to see this in writing to remind ourselves and give us a kick in the ass to take action and get started on achieving our goals in life. He has the wisdom of the fictional character Tyler Durden from Fight Club without the dark side. I hope he writes another book to help get us further along after the 30-day challenge outlined in this book. We need reminders and a guide like this book periodically in our lives. I may read it from time to time to keep the momentum up and push me along. Very short and easy to read. I wish it was longer.


Emir / USA

Real guide how to improve for men. Straight to the point. I would give it 6 stars if I could!

Good read for young men more than anyone else.

Ryan / USA

Good book that lets you know the basics on improving your life . Improving yourself attracts better into your life without you having to chase it. Lately I’ve been falling off in terms of my daily disciplines, but I’m starting to catch back up.

Self improvement.

Eric P. / USA

Great job summarizing what men need to do for self improvement and ways to get it done without excuses or being inconvenient.

Take Action and Start Being a Superior Man Today

The tactics and strategies that you’ll find in How To Be A Superior Man program took me years to perfect.

I wrote this book for you so that you’ll skip the grueling and frustrating trial and error phase that I had to go through and jump straight to the useful stuff that actually works — which will slash years from your journey to the top.

Now you can learn, practice and see for yourself how these tactics, strategies, and principles work in real life simply by sticking to the 30-day plan in the book.

Take action today, gain immediate control of your destiny, and start building yourself up to the man you want to be — instead of waiting for your life to magically change by itself.

Don’t deny yourself the chance to reach your highest potential and get yourself on the path to join the ranks of the 5% of men on this earth who get to enjoy the best rewards life has to offer.

How To Be A Superior Man will provide you with the mindset principles, tools, and actions that will improve your worth and status as a man.

When you get your copy, read it thoroughly and follow the program for the next 30 days. See for yourself how much your life will change for the better when you take full control of your life, awaken your masculine power, gain direction, supercharge your productivity, get in better shape and gradually build yourself up to the man you want to be — instead of swimming in the cesspool of mediocrity with everyone else…defeated…frustrated…regretful…desperate.

Your life is too precious to waste away waiting for “something to turn up”. Why wait another day when you can start living a better life today?

Make the commitment today to start building yourself up to the man you want to be and live the exceptional life you really want, instead of waiting for the ever-elusive “someday” that never comes.

Lane Goodwin

Creator of "How To Be A Superior Man"

My name is Lane Goodwin.

I am the proprietor of and the creator of "How To Be A Superior Man" program. 

This is my 30-day intensive self-improvement program to unlock your masculine power, take full control of your life and mold yourself into the man you want to be.

Frequently Asked Questions

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  • Lifetime Value – The positive habits you will gain, the mindset principles you will learn, the work ethic you will grow and the insights that you will develop during the next 30 days will serve you for life and continue to make your life better long after your 30-day program is over.

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Whiners and complainers who never take action are NOT ALLOWED in this program.

Life is better for men at the top. Grasp this opportunity and don’t deny yourself the chance to reach your highest potential and get yourself on the path to join the ranks of the 5% of men on this earth who get to enjoy the best rewards life has to offer.

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